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Laura Valente is the owner, founder and CEO of Valenter Hair & Co, an upscale luxury salon located in the heart of La Jolla, and Valente Extensions™, a premium hair extension line. Laura is a firm believer in luxury for everyone.

She is a Paul Mitchell graduate who developed her idea for an Italian inspired salon after living and studying in Italy for a few years. She and her Valente Hair & Co team strive to create the Excellente Valente Experience which is comprised of:

1. Friendly Atmosphere
2. Quality of Service (Luxury for All)
3. Uncompromising results

Laura has always aspired to be innovative and original. She says, ‘The best part of being an entrepreneur is watching your ideas evolve and seeing the progression of it. I love seeing growth, especially the growth of my team.”

When asked what advice she would give to any new business professional she states, “Start small. Be selective in choosing your team. They can make or break you.”

Laura is known as a young business woman in La Jolla, however her drive to succeed makes her a woman to watch and more than just a 26 year old salon owner. She is active in giving back to the community by working with Rady’s Children, Hamilton’s Heart and other local La Jolla foundations.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a business owner that you need to be prepared for anything,” she says. “You need to be able to think logically, and not lead with your emotions.”

Laura was once asked “What question do you wish others would ask you?” She answered humorously, “Do you need money? But on a more serious note, I’d love to consult so others could learn from my mistakes.”

If you ever want to make Laura laugh, you’ll need to be expert in dry humor and sarcasm. “I like intelligent humor; where it takes some brainpower to get the joke.”

This super business woman is also launching her own product line to coincide with her Valente Extensions™ and will also be hosting salon education at Valente Hair & Co. Also keep a watchful eye for her name at various conferences, she will be a presenter and public speaker in 2018. If you are looking for information about Laura Valente in San Diego, you have come to the right place!

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